index1Founder of my own music production and DJ company, Chris Liggio Music Studios. I’m a DJ, producer, songwriter, MC, mix engineer and sound editor. A true talent in the field I have success with many major labels, artists and clubs.

I am also the owner of a vape shop in westchester if you’re into vaping.

I started with an interest in music at the age of 11. I got myself a pair of turntables, a mixer, a mic and made up business cards. From then I became a mobile DJ doing mostly weddings, sweet 16s, and birthday parties. I became a success and my business grew very fast because I had a unique skill on how to move the crowd and work the mic. I added my own freestyle rhymes to many of my mixes and that became my forte.

It was very clear that I would become a force to be reckoned with in the music indexbusiness. With so many areas to go in the music business there is always an outlet for me to express myself through my mixes, parties and engineering.

Working with many of the top artists I was able to present a unique flavor to their sound which many regard as refreshing. A unique twist on how regular DJs present mixes I am sure you will understand completely once you hear it for yourself.

escortsMy latest party was as a DJ and host to one of the largest escort services in New York. I have never DJd a party for escorts but I had a feeling it was going to be a great party. I took a look at the agencies website and saw a bunch of really good looking ladies.

The owner of the escort agency told me this was a private party for their female escorts and their clients. A combination mixer and meet-and-greet this party was designed to both generate new business as well as referrals to their existing client base.

The ladies from the escort service come from all parts of the world so I know that images4I would need to present a very diverse music list. I knew that worldwide house music would best fit the bill. They wanted a club and dance party environment for their ladies as well as their clients. The venue was one that you can not rub up against someone if you are in the room. Every part of the venue has little nooks and cranny so that you get ultimate closeness at every step you take.

The escort service told me that at least 30 of their escorts will be present as well as their friends. For this event the escort agency made sure that significant others are not permitted by only same sex friends would be allowed to this party. It seemed that there would be a nice mix of straight, gay, lesbian and bi sexual ladies and men at the party so this is something I am very familiar with.

The party turned out to be a great success and and everyone in attendance had fun. The escorts and entertainers from NY Xtasy escort service really know how to rock a party. It was easy for me when you have such a diverse and interesting group of people to play for. I highly recommend their escort service as they really are a fun bunch of ladies.

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